News 2008

March 2008

Samba Board recommends a Capital Raise

Samba Board recommends a Capital Raise from SR6 Billion to SR 9 Billion and Distributing SR 1 per share for the Second Half of 2007

In its session on 5 February 2008, Samba's Board of Directors resolved to recommend to the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting to raise the Bank's capital by 50%, from SR 6 Billion (600 million shares) to SR 9 billion (900 million share), by granting 1 bonus share for every 2 shares held. The Board further decided to distribute dividends for the second half of 2007, bringing the total cash dividends distributed for the fiscal year 2007 to SR 2.7 per share. Eligibility for granting of premium shares and cash dividends will be for shareholders who are registered in the Bank's records by the end of the trading session on the day of holding the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly meetings, subject to securing the required approvals of the competent authorities. Please note that the cash dividends are not applicable to premium shares.