News 2008

May 2008

Samba Sponsors the Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference 2008

Al Eisa: the Saudi Economy Leads the Region's Economies to More Global Role

Mr. Eisa Al Eisa, Managing Director and CEO of Samba Financial Group, says that Samba's sponsorship of Euromoney Saudi Arabia 2008 embodies its policy to sponsor national, regional and international economical events that provide for giving positive impression on the Kingdom's economical climate, and reflect the real prosperous outlook of the Kingdom and its leading role in all fronts. "The Kingdom's economy enjoys an enabling investment climate and great potentials to attract local and foreign investments thanks to its well-woven legislative and regulatory platform that enables it to assume a pivotal role in the region's economies leading them to wider horizons and be more effective in the world economical regime" Al Eisa was quoted as saying.

Al Eisa commended the clear vision and farsightedness of the Saudi Economy planners and thinkers, which ameliorates the aspirations of the banking and financial industry to work on sold grounds and seize the local, regional and international opportunities as emphasized during the Euromoney Conference Saudi Arabia 2008, which was sponsored by Samba and closed its works recently in Riyadh under the theme: "Saudi Economy, Regional Leader, Global Player".

Al Eisa ascertained that the importance of this Conference springs from the economical topics it discussed deeply and transparently at the attendance of prominent international economical figures including financial advisors, investors and senior executives of multinational financial, industrial and investment companies and organizations, who share their experiences and discussed economical and financial issues that relate to the Kingdom in particular and the region in general, in a period that witnesses prosperous boom in all sectors.

The Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference 2008 was held under patronage of HE Dr. Ibraheem Alassaf, Minister of Finance, and attended by HE Khalid Alqusaibi, Minister Economy and Planning, HE Dr. Jubarah Alsuraisri, Minister of Transportation, HE Hamad Alsayyari, SAMA Governor, HE Mohammad Alkharashi, Governor of Public Pension Agency and other prominent figures from local, regional and international financial and press institutions.

Samba Financial Group used to sponsor this conference since its commencement in Saudi Arabia including the Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference 2007, which witnessed a resounding success and attracted too much interest from local, pan-Arab and international media and financial institutions.