Export Solutions

With Samba’s international presence and vast network of correspondent banks, you can forge new relationships and deepen existing ones with your trading partners. Our dedicated team of experts will provide you the support and confidence needed for a smooth and hassle free experience. We offer a wide variety of products and services tailor-made to suit your export needs.

Export Bill Collection & Follow Up

At Samba, we maintain a constant communication with our correspondent banks to ensure that you receive your export

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Export Bill Discounting

Stringent payment terms can adversely impact your sales. Samba’s export bill discounting facility allows you to receive funds against the discounted value of

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Export Bill Negotiation

Under this facility, the exporter has the flexibility to receive payment against a sight or usance letter of credit without having to wait for the importer to make the payment

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Export Refinance Scheme

Samba caters to the financing needs of the exporters both at pre-shipment as well as post-shipment stages at the State Bank of Pakistan’s concessionary rate of mark-up.

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Forward Exchange Facility

To protect your business against exchange rate volatility, Samba provides you the flexibility to secure

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Letter of Credit-Advising

Under this facility, Samba provides authentication of a letter of credit by meticulously examining the contents of the letter of credit initiated by the issuing bank.

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Letter of Credit-Confirmation

Transacting with new trading partners can be risky and yet crucial for business growth. You may not know your trading partner or its bank too well

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Letter of Credit-Transfer

Samba caters to requests by exporters to transfer a letter of credit to another party subject to the terms of the letter of credit.

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