Repatriable (NRAR) & Non-Repatriable (NRAN) Account

In accordance with the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) laws, all Pak Rupee Accounts of Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRPs) are categorized in Repatriable (NRAR) or Non-Repatriable Accounts (NRAN). For our customer’s convenience and informed decision making, we have simplified the product features in the table below:

Credits to the Non-resident Rupee Accounts – Repatriable

Remittances received from abroad through banking channel. 

  • Funds approved/allowed for remittance abroad either by State Bank or by Authorized Dealers under general authority delegated, subject to applicable terms and conditions.

Transfer of funds from other non-resident rupee account-repatriable with the same Authorized Dealer in Pakistan. 

  • Profit/interest accrued on the amount lying in the non-resident rupee account repatriable
  • Proceeds of Government of Pakistan’s debt securities, term deposits and profit/interest on such securities/certificates received on accountof investments made through non-resident rupee account-repatriable as mentioned at sub-para (iii) (f) of the FEM.
  • Refund of amounts debited incorrectly or over-charged.

Debits to the Non-resident Rupee Accounts – Repatriable

Any payment in PKR to the residents in Pakistan including utility bill payments, education fee, hospital, insurance premium, hotel bills, travel agent’s payments etc. through any permissible mode.

Settlement of import bills by non-resident importers against goods/services exported from Pakistan.

Transfer of funds to other residents, non-resident rupee accounts-non-repatriable with any Authorized Dealer in Pakistan.

Transfer of funds to other non-resident rupee accounts- repatriable with the same Authorized Dealer in Pakistan.

Remittances and payments outside Pakistan to the extent of balances available in the account.

  • Investments in Government of Pakistan’s debt securities (T-bills, PIBs, Sukuk and any other registered debt security), term deposit/remuner ativea ccount with the same bank provided such investment shall be made by Authorized Dealers through special instructions received from the account holder in this behalf.
  • Debits in lieu of applicable government taxes/duties etc. bank charges and reversal of any incorrect/wrong credit entry.