Roshan Equity Investment Account

Overseas Pakistanis can now invest on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) through their Roshan Digital Account. This is an ideal opportunity for non-resident Pakistanis to invest in Pakistan’s capital market and benefit from the competitive returns on offer by PSX while participating in the growth of their native homeland’s economy. Overseas Pakistanis can choose from a wide array of companies listed on the Exchange in several different sectors, build their investment portfolio and reap the potential rewards of investing on PSX. 

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Participate in IPO Electronically

To facilitate investors and to move towards a paper-less environment, the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited ("PSX") has developed an Electronic Initial Public Offering System ("PES" or "PSX E-IPO") through which application for subscription of securities offered to the general public in an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and Secondary Public Offering (SPO) can be submitted electronically and payment can be made through e banking channels.

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