Currency Trading

The FX desk offers competitive quotes in all major currencies, to address client currency exposures, arising from trade, remittances and other forex flows. Clients can also hedge their currency risk, in tenors ranging from same day up to 12 months.

Samba Foreign Exchange Trading Desk, being a consistently material participant in the Interbank FX Market, has demonstrated ability to hedge high volume transactions, in USD/PKR as well as G-7 currencies, at very competitive pricing. The FX Desk also serves as a medium for overseas customers to handle Remittance business with the bank. The Products covered by the FX desk includes:

  • USD/PKR (Outright, Spot and Forwards)
  • USD/PKR (Swaps)
  • G7 Currencies (Outright, Spot and Forwards)
  • G7 Currencies (Swaps)