Small & Medium Enterprises

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play an important role in economic and social development of any country. SME sector contributes significantly towards national GDP, industrial growth, employment generation, Trade, economic growth and competitiveness. In Pakistan SME sector is an emerging sector, we can say that Pakistan’s future economy is highly dependent on the pace and productivity of SMEs.

Definition of SE & ME 


Small Enterprise

Medium Enterprise

Number of Employees

Up to 50 including contractual employees

Manufacturing & services – 51-250 (including contractual employees)
Trading – 51-100 (including contractual employees)

Annual Sales Turnover

Up to Rs.150 million

Above Rs.150 million and up to Rs.800 million

Maximum Exposure

Small Enterprise can avail exposure up to Rs.25 million (net-off liquid assets) from a single Bank/DFI or from all Banks/DFIs

Medium Enterprise (ME) can avail exposure up to Rs.200 million (net-off liquid assets) from a single Bank/DFI or from all Banks/DFIs.

Samba Bank Limited is playing active role in promotion of SME sector, we have initiated SME lending from different cities of Punjab & Sindh Provinces at our Branches

Lending/Financing Products

Lending/Financing Products

Samba Bank provides loans to Small and Medium Enterprises to meet their working capital requirements and business expansion plans to various sectors,

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SBP Refinancing Schemes

SBP Refinancing Schemes

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) offers refinance facilities to SMEs with an aim to support industrial growth and exports with the ultimate objective of promoting overall economic development of the country.

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