Roshan Qurbani

Samba Bank Limited is pleased to offer Roshan Qurbani Facility to its Roshan Digital Account holders. Under this scheme, you can now book your Qurbani and donate to any of the following organizations.

SBL Roshan Qurbani Partners

Charitable Organization 
Share in Cow
Full Cow
Al Khidmat Foundation Pakistan
PKR 45,000
PKR 19,000
PKR 133,000
Chhipa Welfare
PKR 30,000
PKR 20,000

How to Donate Online?

  • Login to your SambaSmart Mobile App/Personal Internet Banking
  • In the beneficiaries list, tap/click on the respective charity organization
  • Enter the Amount you want to Donate against the respective Waqf Qurbani
  • To access SambaSmart mobile banking app, please click

Customer’s Terms & Conditions / Undertaking for Roshan Qurbani

All transactions during the respective period where funds are being donated by the customers for the purpose of Roshan Qurbani (Waqf) with any charity shall be on the basis of customer’s agreement to the following Terms and Conditions/Undertaking:

Customer Undertaking:

  • I/We authorize Samba Bank Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “SBL”) to share all relevant information, related to me/us that I/We have provided for the purpose of Roshan Qurbani (Waqf), with the above said organizations.
  • I/we hereby agree that SBL is only facilitating me/us to make payment to charitable organizations on account of Roshan Qurbani (Waqf). Therefore, all risks, liabilities and rewards related to this arrangement will be solely borne by me / us and the SBL shall not be held liable for any loss or damage suffered by me / us in any manner whatsoever. 
  • l/We allow the said organizations to perform Sacrifice (Qurbani) on my/our behalf and to distribute/utilize meat and other animal parts as it deems fit. I/We also allow the said organization to sell/donate/utilize animal skins, hides, fats, etc. for money or otherwise and the money so received may be used on a variety of services which include charitable purposes. 
  • I/We further allow the said organization to use/utilize remaining amount (if any) after my sacrifice (Qurbani) for charitable purposes.
  • I/we agree that SBL shall not be responsible for any activity/reversal/cancelation of order. 
  • I/We agree that this option is to provide RDA customers with a facility under Roshan Samaaji Khidmat to Donate/Waqf share of Qurbani to needy.