Term Finance Solution

Samba Bank offers medium & long term loan facilities to finance capital expenditures relating to your business. The different types of term loans are primarily structured around the future cash flows of the corporation.

Bi-Lateral Term Loan

Samba provides both medium and long term Bi-Lateral Term loan facility in both Local and Foreign currency to meet your capital expenditure requirements. The loans are structured around your cash flows /credit worthiness and are priced competitively to the market.

Multi-Lateral / ECA / DFI Backed Long Term Solutions

Export Credit Agency (ECA) / Development Finance Institution (DFI) assistance is provided in the form of guarantees and/or insurance as well as direct lending. ECA programs include:

  • Insurance to national exporters and commercial banks against commercial (credit) and/or country risk
  • Payment guarantees to commercial banks involved in export financing
  • Preferential fixed interest rate loans to foreign importers