Working Capital Financing

The availability of funds to meet short term obligations can have a substantial impact on the success of a business. Small and medium businesses, in particular, find it hard to secure financing facilities. To cater to your working capital needs, we offer competitively priced short term financing facilities.  At Samba, we ensure that our clients’ have swift access to funds to finance the timing gap between their receivables and payables. The following facilities are tailor made to suit your business’ needs.

Cash Finance

Advances against goods are allowed to traders for their trading activities, to manufacturers and producers for their requirements of raw materials etc.

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Invoice Financing

A healthy cash flow is essential for a business to do well. Funds tied up in unpaid invoices can result in liquidity problems for commercial entities.

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Running Finance

Samba’s Running Finance facility will enable your business to fund its short term business needs.

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