Spending with an Edge

Being a SambaGold customer just went from privileged to simply amazing!

Now, whether you’re shopping, dining, paying for everyday groceries or traveling the world, your SambaGold Debit Card gives you more power to do it all with all the golden privileges you deserve.

Spending freedom through your chip-based Master Debit Card at millions of outlets locally and internationally with higher daily limits!

Also, you can enjoy a number of discounts at your favorite outlets across Pakistan.

Withdrawal and POS Usage Limit on Sambagold Debit Card
International ATM Withdrawal Limit*
Equivalent PKR 400,000
International Retail Purchase (POS) Limit
Equivalent PKR 400,000
Domestic ATM Withdrawal Limit
PKR 100,000
Domestic Retail Purchase (POS) Limit
PKR 200,000

*International Cash Withdrawal facility will not be available for Non-Resident (NR) Account Holders.