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Trade Financing Product

Export Financing 

  • Pre-shipment and Post-shipment Export Refinancing

In pre-export financing, the exporter(seller) has a firm contract of sale but needs financing to acquire and prepare the goods for shipment.

Post Shipment Finance is a kind of loan provided by a financial institution to an exporter or seller against a shipment that has already been made. This type of export finance is granted from the date of extending the credit after shipment of the goods to the realization date of the export proceeds.

  • Bills Negotiation & Discounting

Bill Negotiation: Under this facility, the exporter has the flexibility to receive payment against a sight or usance letter of credit without having to wait for the importer to make the payment, provided that the documents are in line with the terms of the credit. Through this facility you can avail financing on more attractive terms compared to usual working capital lines.

Bill Discounting: Stringent payment terms can adversely impact your sales. Samba’s export bill discounting facility allows you to receive funds against the discounted value of unpaid export invoices rather than waiting for the payment to be made in the future. Using our export bill discounting facility, you can offer more flexible payment terms to your buyers without facing a liquidity crunch.

  • SBP Export Re-Finance Scheme

Samba caters to the financing needs of the exporters both at pre-shipment as well as post-shipment stages at the State Bank of Pakistan’s concessionary rate of mark-up.

Import Financing 

In import financing, the importer (buyer) who is purchasing good sunder a sight letter of credit or under other payment terms (open account, term letter of credit) may need financing to meet the required payment.

Cross Border Financing Solutions

Samba can also tailor and customize cross border solutions using Samba's global network and offshore correspondent banking relationships to provide the most optimized structure to meet the requirements of our clientele.