Cash Management Services

Using SBL’s Cash Management tools, you would be able to streamline your business banking processes resulting in improved operational efficiencies. Our electronic banking platforms will minimize the paper work involved in the management of your bank accounts and payment processing.

Our goal is to provide our customers with tailored transaction banking solutions for managing the payables, receivables, and cash management functions of your business. This includes your cash flow and working capital requirements.

SBL Cash pickup and Delivery Services

Since business in Pakistan is still conducted primarily on cash basis, keeping cash overnight or transporting cash to the bank can carry certain risks. We recognize that our clients need a safer and more convenient way to handle their cash and make cash deposits.

SBL Cash Collection Services is a convenient cash pickup service available to all SBL corporate customers. Your company can authorize SBL to collect cash deposits at your various business locations and we will pick them at a pre-arranged schedule/agreed pricing depending on your need.

SBL's Cash Pickup/Delivery Service offers maximum protection which includes armoured vehicles and professionally trained security personnel to move your cash. After the cash is counted and verified at SBL, the amount is immediately credited to your account. Cash delivery services can also be provided on customer’s requirement. With a pre-agreed routine, cash delivery can be made available at the customer location using the armored vehicle service.

Payment and Collection Solutions

With SBL Payments and Collections system, leaves the hectic work of processing your payments and collections to us.

Collection Solutions

  • Automate all your sales and payment receivables with SBL's Collection solutions.
  • You can manage your cash flow and oversee growth with this efficient collection and reconciliation system.
  • SBL's Collection and Reconciliation service provides you peace of mind. SBL Country Branch Network can be used to collect Cash payments, Samba checks, and other bank checks with customized fields such as remitter ID.

Online Cash Collection at all SBL Branches

  • All SBL branches will be utilized for depositing cash into designated accounts.
  • Customized deposit slips based on the requirement can be made available at the branches.
  • All the collections can be viewed on a real time basis through Samba Bank Electronic Banking Portal (Samba Access)

Online Cash Collection at all Partner Bank Branches

  • Our strategic alliance with partner banks enhances our reach to 5000+ branches across Pakistan.
  • All Partner Bank branches will be utilized for depositing cash into designated accounts.
  • Customized deposit slips based on the requirement can be made available at designated branches.
  • All the collections can be viewed on a real time basis through Internet Banking.
  • Real-time transactions alerts (email/sms) can also be offered.

Cash & Cheque Collection Using Armored Van Pickup from customer’s locations

With a pre-agreed routine, SBL will be able to collect the cash and cheques from the designated locations in the required cities. Salient features include:

  • Detailed MIS
  • Internet banking online view
  • Single account based collection
  • Proper tracking and consolidated reports

Real-time payment reconciliation

  • All information related is captured immediately no matter which channel is used by your customer.
  • Even payment instructions and information about the remitter can be automatically uploaded to SambaAccess for your reconciliation. This means that SBL will update the relevant account receivable record and give you a complete picture in real-time without any errors and delays.
  • These records can also be customized as per your company's requirements.

Payment Solutions

Manage your payments through a convenient, secure and reliable mechanism with SBL Payment solutions.

Customized Cheque Book

  • Upon mutually agreed terms, SBL will provide customized A4 cheque leaves with client’s corporate logo.
  • However the option is open for a carbonized A4 size cheque leaves or non carbonized cheques.


  • The “TPO” product developed by our CMG Team has been specifically designed to meet the changing business needs of our corporate clients. Typically Government Authorities such as Ports, Customs, etc. accept payments from importers via Pay Orders. Many of SBL’s corporate clients also use Pay Orders to settle their payments to such Government entities. Our newly launched TPO – Tailored Pay Order Product is a value added proposition specially developed to meet business needs for specific corporate clients who can benefit from TPO upon meeting Eligibility Criteria*
  • • For further information, please contact the CMG Team on 021-3813-6187, email on, or contact your Corporate Relationship Manager.

Bulk Pay Order

  • Upon customer’s instructions Pay Orders can be printed at the nearest branch.
  • All Pay Orders printed can be collected from the designated branch or same can be dispatched directly to the beneficiary address.

Payroll Transfers

  • When employers sign up to SBL’s Payroll Solution, they can enable their employees to start availing SBL’s world class banking services.
  • Employees can enjoy convenience of Branch services and Alternate Delivery Channels (ATM, Samba Online portal, Demand drafts/ Pay orders etc) at significantly subsidized rates.

Utility Bill Payments Solution

With Utility Bill management system, our Customers will outsource their entire Utility bill management to SBL.

Based on your requirements, we will be able to retrieve and pay the bills already registered for the service. A complete MIS including the advance tax payments will be furbished for reconciliation with the following features: -

  • Utility bills retrieval from respective utility company’s websites
  • One time master consumer list setup
  • Timely Payments within due date
  • Monthly Comprehensive Tax Report
  • Monthly Comprehensive Payment Report
  • Customized MIS

SBL E-Cheque

  • Keeping in view the growing demand for automated Cheque printing, we have the capability to fulfil this requirement. Salient features include:
  • Audit Trial
  • Signatory Management
  • Stationary Management
  • Comprehensive MIS
  • Remote location Management
  • Centralized Management system

Liquidity Management:

SBL offers fully automated Liquidity Management structures that ensure an efficient account management process for your company.

  • Concentration Accounts 

    Collections from different SBL accounts can be completely transferred to a single account to enable payments and manage liquidity.

  • Target Balance Accounts 

    The balance in any SBL account can be increased or decreased by transferring from or to other accounts in SBL to achieve a pre-defined balance.

  • Zero Balance Accounts 

    Target Balance Accounts may be defined to have a zero balance at the end of the day, thereby enhancing liquidity management opportunities.

For any query please contact us on CMG@SAMBA.COM.PK