IBAN Calculator

IBAN or International Bank Account Number facilitates the automatic processing of fund transfers and remittances by making the payment transactions fast, accurate and reliable.

Note: This calculator provides you the IBAN of account(s) maintained with SBL only. The generation of correct IBAN is dependent on the accuracy of information provided by you. SBL is not liable for any damage which may arise due to the input of incorrect/invalid information.

IBAN Calculator
IBAN Validator
PK 24 SAMB 2000703039
Country Code
(2 letters)
Check Digit
(2 digits)
Bank Code
(4 letters)
Account Number
(10 digits)
International Envelope Basic Bank Account Number (BBAN)
  • First two digits are Country Code
  • Next two digits are Check Digits
  • Next four digits are Bank Code (SWIFT BIC Code)
  • Last 16 digits will be customer’s existing Account Number