Message from Chairman

Dear Colleagues,

 I hope this message finds you and your families safe and healthy. We are living through unusual times and I felt it is important to reach out directly to all of you and let you know that primarily you and your families’ wellbeing is foremost in our minds. We were one of the first organizations to move with the hygiene sanitation and risk reduction at the workplace.

 This current pandemic is affecting many of us and our hearts go out to all of them. I know for a fact that the weak and poor of our country are not being left alone to fend for themselves. The Pakistani nation as a whole has mobilized on individual and collective forums, to reach out and help our deserving brothers and sisters and hold their hands. It is heart warming to see how sensitive and generous our people are and it gives me a very good reason for optimism for the future. 

 Acceptance of reality is the first step to facing and defeating any challenge or adversity in life. We all must understand that this COVID-19 is not something that will vanish overnight, we hope it will and pray it will, but the most probable reality is that it is going to be part of our lives. So expecting to go back to old behavior and activity are unrealistic expectations. We must change our behavior and interaction patterns which include daily hand hygiene, social distancing and sensitivity to the potential risk of infections. I expect that it will take 12-18 months for any large scale viable vaccine to be created and until then, we must operate under modified behavior. 

 Now I come to hope and optimism, what we cannot do is to shut down livelihoods of people and hence it is critical that we continue to focus on productivity, efficiency and adjustment of our working models. I expect each of you to take the responsibility that our institution, like all others, is responsible for the livelihoods of thousands of families through direct and indirect financial dealings.We have to make sure that our clients are serviced and their businesses are supported during this tough time. We have to go the extra mile and extend a lending hand to make the clients cross this challenging period. Samba should be remembered by our clients as an institution which went the extra mile for facilitating each of our client’s needs. 

 In today’s world of technology, I expect all our people to be able to perform their job functions from home or with limited access to the workplace.This is the time to take the job responsibility and your commitment even more seriously than normal times because each of you contributes not only to this organization but to the whole country as a whole.And it is the positive mindset of each of you which will in still the sense of optimism and hope in our organization and through our clients. 

 Let’s resolve to emerge from this crisis stronger, and let’s differentiate ourselves as an institution which is never wavering during the toughest of times. 

 Good luck and may God keep all of you and your families safe.