Pakistan Polo Cup 2018

Over the course of last week, Samba bank was involved in Pakistan Polo Cup 2018 which took place at Lahore Polo Club. The bank has been associated with the Polo Cup for quite some time now and on top of sponsoring the entire event for the second year in a row, Samba bank's team was also competing and it was one of the hot favourites to win the Polo cup.  

Samba bank's team started off the tournament in fine fashion with an easy win. The semifinals were a tough contest, but the bank prevailed and made it to the final of the Cup. We qualified for the final in fine style and after a nail biting contest the opponents won.  

 For Samba Bank, Hiysam Haider, Mir Shoaib, Adnan Jalil Azam & Alman Jalil Azam played exceptional polo and contributed 3 of the goals while the remaining 2 goals were added by Adnan Jalil Azam. However the opponents scored seven goals and won the match.

It was an event filled with excitement, drama and competitive sport. Overall, a great triumph for Pakistan Polo and Samba bank!