Pakistan Real time Inter bank Settlement Mechanism (PRISM)

PRISM makes your money transfer easier, faster and safer !

Pakistan Real time Inter bank Settlement Mechanism (PRISM) / RTGS is the fastest possible money transfer system through the banking channel using state of the art systems which makes large value payments to one-another. The PRISM systems operated by State Bank of Pakistan, offers a powerful mechanism for limiting settlement and systemic risks in the inter bank settlement process by providing settlement on Gross Basis and in Real Time which virtually eliminates the waiting period of the transactions..

What is a PRISM Transfer?

PRISM is an inter-bank funds transfer system which allows parties to conduct funds transfer transfer transactions in real time. The mechanism enables electronic transfer of funds from the account of the remitted in one Bank to the account of the beneficiary maintained with any other Bank branch.

RTGS Timings at Samba Bank Limited Branches Pan-Pakistan

Monday to Friday 

Monday to Thursday 09:00 am to 04:00 pm


  • The charges on RTGS / PRISM transactions will be as per the prevalent Schedule of Charges.